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The Brazilians are the only people in Latin America who don’t speak Spanish (except Haiti) and they have a quite different behavior from the South Americans because their homeland is Portugal rather than Spain.

Although Brazil is a stranger to racism, it is largely a society of classes. It is enough to examine the composition of government bodies. In Brazil is still important to come from a good family.

The state slowly begins to derive from the success in the business area and political influence.

BRAZILBrazilians have a very small comfortable distance (80 cm to unlike 1.2 meters as the British) and are happy to work near each other. They are tactile, affectionate and very extroverted. Women are always welcoming another woman with kisses on both cheeks, and men join hands.

Brazilians consider it is rude to arrive on time when someone invited you to his house for dinner. Business meetings rarely start at the scheduled time, and usually lasts more than the scheduled time, thus delaying all subsequent meetings.

Glib and overly talkative, the Brazilians call the gestures and facial expressions in order to emphasize their point of view. Although sometimes seem overly emotional, they only intend to make you understand that their words come from their heart. As their speech is longer, they fell that they consolidate your loyalty, as a foundation upon which it can be built and created long-term sympathies.


Try not to respond with a suspicious attitude at Brazilians’ warm behavior because they strive to please the others and thank them whenever possible. If you are stiff and formal, you will confuse them.

As for the tourist attractions, Sao Paulo is an important touristic center and a city that is worth being visited by all the tourists from all around the world. You will feel great wandering on Avenida Paulista or through the neighborhood in which are most of the constructions built since 1900.

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