Fat Loss Reviews: Fat Burning Furnace Review

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Our fat loss reviews section now takes an in-depth look at The Fat Burning Furnace System by Rob Poulos. Poulos bases his system on a core principle that if you eat the right foods and do the right exercises then you can literally turn your metabolism into a fat combusting machine. This intrigued us right off the bat since it’s common for many struggling to lose weight to have damaged metabolisms.

This Fat Burning Furnace review gives you our thoughts – both good and bad – so you can decide if this system fits your needs.

Fat Burning Furnace Review: What We Like

You get a fat loss system that’s full of detail and actually makes sense to the average person

It’s nice to see this program is grounded in science, but you don’t have to be a scientist to learn it. And common-sense seems to be standard issue here. Fat Burning Furnace nicely provides workouts that match any level of fitness from absolute beginner to advanced. In other words, you’ll be able to grow into this program and not kill yourself doing it. The program helps you build muscle, and as you may be aware, muscle burns more calories than fat. If you watch the show “The Biggest Loser” then you’re aware that building muscle mass is crucial for losing weight. Why? Because it literally turns your body into a fat-hating machine.

You get effective workouts that don’t take you all day

Some people don’t want to be gym rats. Fat Burning Furnace gives you strength training at a more tolerable dose: just 20 minutes a day at 3 to 4 times a week. Unlike the more common approach of doing three sets of each exercise, this system only requires you do one. You’ll work your muscles at a slow and effective pace and will target the muscles throughout your body, giving you a comprehensive workout.

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Poulos claims these short workouts are better than an hour working cardio on a treadmill. This fits current research findings that show the right kind of strength training can actually be more beneficial to your body and heart than just cardio alone. I personally like this approach as I get bored easily when having to sit on a bike saddle or run for long periods of time.

Upgrades are available

You can choose from three different grades in the Fat Burnace Furnace System: Deluxe, Ultimate, and Blowtorch. For the best deal of the lot, I feel the Ultimate level is a good choice. However, a nice feature in the Blowtorch level is two hours of exercise videos with Poulos as your personal guide. A word of caution though. Those just starting out should begin with the basic workout and then work up through the intermediate and advanced before jumping into the Blowtorch workout.

Fat Burning Furnace Review: What We Don’t Like

Nutrition information is lacking

Poulos’ program is primarily about very detailed exercise guides. You’ll get some nutrition basics and information on how nutrition affects your body, but you won’t get detailed information on exactly what it is you need to eat. If poor eating practices have caused you to gain weight in the first place, then the level of choice this program gives you in regards to food may not be a good thing. However, you do receive some nutritional guidelines and some sample meals, plus some links to recipes.

There is sales pressure

I found that Poulus spends quite a few pages at the beginning of the bookselling his logic and ideas. That’s not too bad though since it’s important you understand the principles behind the program. What I didn’t like as much as the pressure to buy ProGrade food products. Overall, I don’t see this as enough of a nuisance to stain this excellent program.

Fat Burning Furnace Review: What We Really Think About This System
The fat loss reviews section of this site sees a lot of diet programs. We appreciate those that shine some truth on the many nutritional myths out there, and Fat Burning Furnace does just that. This thankfully isn’t a system that props up fad diets or any ineffective fat loss schemes of that sort – the kind of programs that can wreck your metabolism. You get solid and beneficial information on exercise and how it benefits your body, including outstanding fitness regimens you’ll actually look forward to doing. If your metabolism is damaged due to years of dieting, then this program is top-notch for getting it and your body back into ultimate shape – no matter what fitness level you are in.