Dental Implant Mexico California

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About Dental Implant Mexico – First a little history about dental implants, they appeared in the U.S. and Europe at the end of the ’30s, but there is proof that ancient people like the Mayas and the Aztecs used this technique, in Mexico, they were first used in the ’70s.

Actually, there are all kinds of dentistry available in Mexico, because of all the kinds of odontology school, with different specialties, that are spread up in any region. The implant dentistry is no exception and it is a well-developed specialty.

This technique is safe and it is used in a way that the person that has a denture or a bridge can have a comfortable life without the bad effects that the dentures cause. Usually, as a consequence, it happens that the person fills old and with a low self-esteemed.

In Mexico, there are programs with a specialty in implantology, and we offer a complete line of services in oral treatment to maintain our oral health. We have all the new techniques, tools and devices to make our implant dentists at the level of any dentists in the world.

A dental implant is made of titanium, that makes it easy to be attached to the bone. This kind of metal can be screwed into the bone and without causing any rejection reaction, the ones that are most used are those with a cylinder form trying to resemble as accurately as possible a tooth root.

The dental implant substitutes the lost tooth or teeth in the cases they are more than one, it is going to give the necessary support to the prosthesis and unlike the dentures, this isn’t going to be moving, and most importantly they won’t damage the other teeth.

With this method, the patient can have from one false tooth to the whole denture, after ten weeks the implant dentist is going to attach it to the bone. With good care, you can have a healthy denture for up to ten years.

You must take notice that this is oral surgery, but unlike any surgery you are only going to have local anesthesia, the dental surgeon is going to make an incision in your gum to put the implant, and you are going to be done whit it in minutes.

You can be sure that in Mexico you are going to find an affordable and well performed dental surgery because we have high standards in a dental implant. Mexico is a place where the prices are much more competitive than in other countries.