Gas Prices…Why Nine-Tenths of a Penny?

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On our recent trip, we had to purchase a lot of gas, way too much gas! With gas price where they are, that was a painful part of our excursion. Buying all that gas did remind me of a personal pet peeve of mine, which is the 9/10ths of a penny in the pricing stations charge.  

What numskull passed the law allowing gas stations to use this marketing practice? We all look at the price and see 3.29 and think it is 3.29; but no, it is really 3.299, which is always rounded up unless you happen upon exactly 10 gallons of gas.

I can’t knock them for the well-used marketing practice of pricing a penny under an exact increment of 10 to trick your mind into thinking things are cheaper, but one-tenth of a penny is just ridiculous. Unless you have some way of paying me back the 4/10 of a penny I didn’t spend, you shouldn’t be able to price things in any less of an increment of a penny.

Do you think we are that stupid to not realize what you are doing? The problem is we are that stupid. We get so used to it that we all skip over the .009 we are being charged and just read the big numbers.

I’ll repeat myself: We don’t have currency to pay in fractions of a penny, so you shouldn’t be able to charge in that amount. Either eat the 9/10 of a penny and advertise on the “˜9 like you are trying act like you are, or suck it up and tell us it’s on the dime like it really is. I hate being fooled.

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