Is Watching Tv Bad For You?

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It’s 2019 and yet we’re still getting told watching TV is bad for you. You tend to sit too long. You end up binge eating while you’re watching a show. Some shows might not be appropriate for your age or there’s too much violence involved. There are a number of unhealthy reasons. But what makes watching TV a really bad influence for you? Or is it really that bad you should quit watching TV altogether? Here’s a little breakdown:

Viewing Time

The amount of hours you spend watching TV make or break the reason as to why they’re bad for you. Do you spend more than 2 hours watching your favorite shows? Then yes, it’s that bad. It’s recommended to get 2 hours a day of watching TV because any more than that keeps you immobile for a long time.

If you want to finish your shows and feel like 2 hours is such a short time, then mobile apps or sites are helpful. This allows you to be on the go while still enjoying your show. One site you can visit is Project Free TV. What is Project Free TV? It’s a site where you can search your shows and watch them. But please do note that this site has a lot of popups. So if you’re visiting this site, please be careful not to click on the ads otherwise your device will likely get malicious adware.


The shows you watch are also one factor in determining whether TV is bad for you. Some shows may show an unhealthy amount of violence. They may also show provocative imagery that may not be suitable for your kids. Check the ratings of the show whether it’s okay to watch it and always supervise your children. In fact, it’s better to join them in watching TV. See it as a bonding time for you and your family. Set TV nights during weekends when school is over. They’ll appreciate the time you spent with them.


You’d be surprised to know that relationships and friendships tend to get broken because of too much time spent watching TV. They ignore their spouses as they get too fixated on a show and watch them until the end. They forget they have a date or that they need to do chores their spouses asked of them. They also forget they were going to meet a friend during lunch or get back to that phone call their friends have been expecting. Watching too much TV can get serious and isolating if not handled properly.


In the end, balance is the key in watching television. There shouldn’t be too much time spent on them. There are a lot of educational, funny and entertaining shows around. But too much time spent on watching one may render you sluggish and lazy. All things require the right amount of balance. It keeps your mind and body healthy. It takes discipline to make sure you don’t slack off. So remember to practice a healthy viewing time for you and your family everyday.

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