Top Things to Remember While Building Steam Shower Cabin

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Are you looking to have your steam shower cabin at your own home? Steam showers are not just a luxury but also come with awesome health benefits. From improving blood circulation to enhancing skin tone to boosting immunity- there are therapeutic benefits galore of having steam shower units. Now, it’s a myth that steam showers always mean an extremely pricey investment. You can even modify your existing shower space to turn it into steam shower cabin. The post below offers a brief on making your own steam shower cabin.

What would you need?

Here is a list of things that are a must-have when you are looking forward to create your own steam shower cabin.

  • Waterproof enclosed space for your steam room cabin structure
  • Water connection, preferably a shower
  • Steam generator that will actually produce steam
  • Power outlet where you will plug in your steam generator
  • A cabinet that will host your generator
  • Steam outlet

  • Insulated piping & drain hose
  • Electrical box
  • 1 speaker & waterproof cover
  • Ozone filtration & cleaning unit
  • Extraction fan & cover
  • Other plumbing details (ask your plumber for help)

Although it’s a DIY project yet you will need the help of your plumber here. In fact, getting a plumbing professional to do the plumbing tasks for the cabin will ensure a safe and proper steam shower space.

It’s to note here that there are steam generator cabin DIY kits available today. These kits usually house all the components mentioned above so that you don’t have to buy them separately. Try to go for a kit that comes with minimum 2 year warranty for all the components.

Guide on steam generator

The steam generator is the heart and soul of your steam shower cabin. But you should know these generators are available in varied sizes and power rating ranges. Higher is the power rating, greater is the steam quality. However, you should always measure the area of your shower cabin to decide on the right generator (based on power output). Here is a handy list to follow:

  • 56 cubic feet- 5 KW
  • 112 cubic feet- 7 KW
  • 240 cubic feet- 9 KW
  • 317 cubic feet- 11 KW

Try to look for a generator that comes with a convenient timer. These generators shut off automatically after a certain time limit. It’s an eco-friendly, water-efficient and energy-efficient option.

Get help for making instructions

You can check out guides and videos online for guides on building your steam shower. There are various resources over the internet that can help you step by step instructions on DIY steam shower creation. As mentioned before, you will have to work with a plumber here. So, try to find a plumber who holds experience in making steam shower units in residential bathrooms.

Final words

You can check out readymade modular steam shower cabins to get a fair idea on the units. You may take a look at to check out various steam showers and their overall composition.

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