Why Is Value Education A Challenge At Higher Education?

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There are many types of education. Each subject tackles a different topic. But one seems to be neglected especially in higher education. Value education is a disregarded subject, especially on the collegiate level. Most value education, placed on the primary, secondary and high school level. Thus, this is mainly because value education has different meanings and terms. For some countries which consider their religion sacred and holy. Their beliefs may contradict with value education, making them ignore it as a subject. Also, this is why value education struggles to be included in schools and universities. It is a challenge for teachers and educators to promote value education as for many schools, particularly countries with religious people. Value education is only good at lower levels of education. They are sensitive and close-minded to value education due to their beliefs and their faith. Overall, for them, value education taught on lower education levels only. Such as kindergarten, grade school and high school

The “Value” Itself Is A Challenge Already

The term value itself has many meanings, especially in religious countries. The term value has a variety of purpose, especially in religious countries. Where people are more likely to disregard value education. Because its teachings may contradict their faith and beliefs. For some religious countries, values education should not find a place in the education system. Mainly on higher levels of schooling or collegiate level. These countries are willing to include value education but on the lower levels of education. And they believe that children are more susceptible to value knowledge than adults. It is easier to teach children about core values than adults.

Modern Secular Values

The values practiced and taught in value education are common yet important. Value education emphasizes the importance of honesty, respect, equality, democracy, and goodwill. Though these teachings may be excellent and beneficial for all. The challenge is the terms and meanings for different race and different religions. Every student has a different set of beliefs and faith that they follow. The problem for college students and higher education regarding value education is diversity. Each religion or faith has different interpretations of the term value. Its teachings may contradict their faith and beliefs making it hard to teach value education.

The Roles Of Teachers Towards The Challenge

And this is where teachers will have to step up. As educators, it is up to them to find a way to incorporate value education. Teachers have a huge role in giving value education the recognition it deserves. Teachers should find a place for value education to be incorporated into the curriculum. They should make sure that even there is no subject of value education. Teachers themselves should be an example to their students. They should be upright, honest, respectful and equal to all.


Even though value education isn’t included in most higher education curriculums. Teachers in their teachings and classes should incorporate it. Search for value education online https://knowledgefirstfinancialreviews.ca/. As the importance of having proper and ethical values can significantly improve our society. Respecting and helping others is a core value that must be taught to everyone. Value education should always be shown even if it is not a subject in class.